With the amount of gear some of our Special Operations Forces need to carry, they need some type of conveyance if they are moving that gear over extended distances. Although we’ve seen Army Special Forces and Navy SEAL Teams utilizing pack mules and horseback, they don’t offer maneuverability in dynamic situations. For that the military turns to the Christini AWD Dirtbike.  The AWD dirtbike features a powerful liquid cooled 450cc four-stroke engine, precisely tuned suspension, and an All Wheel Drive system that provides unbelievable traction, handling and stability.

A modern war machine, the Christini AWD Dirtbike has the flexibility of maneuver that operators need in hostile terrain. SOFREP TV’s Training Cell embarks on a 2 day course with the experts at Tactical Mobility Training. Check out the following trailer for a preview of episode 8!


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