Note: This is part of a series. Read part one and part two here.

A constant theme I have promoted over the course of my previous two articles is that of forecasting. I have made mention of how this concept permeates throughout every aspect of military life and is something that is realised from day one of recruit training. I discussed how the concept of doing things in advance to lessen the anxiety of what may or may not happen is something engrained in soldiers from the very beginning of their military careers.

Let me recap on another key point I previously made, as this will set the tone for this third installment: The ability to successfully plan through foresight is essential in creating the necessary atmospherics for an easier transition into your post-military career. I believe that following this concept has the ability to lessen the anxieties and stresses that go hand in hand with separating from the military.

So what do I mean by this exactly, and how can this mindset assist people in their transition from military to civilian life?