On Saturday, President Trump congratulated the commanders of the two Navy vessels tasked with launching 59 Tomahawk missiles at an Assad-controlled air base in Syria last week.  He then followed his telephone conversations up on Twitter, extending his praise into the digital sphere.

“Congratulations to our great military men and women for representing the United States, and the world, so well in the Syria attack,” Trump tweeted.

The ballistic missile strike was intended as a “strategic deterrence” aimed at preventing Assad’s regime from using chemical weapons again in the ongoing Syrian civil war.  Over the years, a number of chemical attacks have been attributed to Assad’s regime, but last week marked the first time a foreign nation took military action as a response.

The two ships responsible for launching the missile strike, the USS Porter and USS Ross, are both destroyers equipped with a wide range of armaments, including fifty-six tomahawk missiles.  Each of the ships depleted around half of their Tomahawk stockpile in the strike.