Our votes will go to waste and the coming revolution will be filled with more phony politicians if we don’t get involved, right now.

For many in the country last night’s victory is a repudiation of a great deal of things. If Facebook is any indicator that people are sick of “safe spaces” and PC culture. The angry voters who went to the polls to ring in Trump weren’t voting for Trump.

They knew we needed a political reset and we got it. It’s also a vote against the professional staffer; people like Paul Ryan, who has spent his entire life either as a staffer or member. These people might not last – and no one will. A representative democracy must adapt and change with the ebb and flow of the times and its people.

Do you know anyone to be exactly the same year after year? There’s a locked status quo that has been cultivated in Washington. Members are so busy running for re-election, attending dinners and have conversations with lobbyists. Those lobbyists have PACs and those dinners are fundraisers. If the idea is to get re-elected to do great things when and if you can, you have to play ball. There is no way out of that political reality.

They’ve become a perceived aristocratic class. It’s troubling that the Congress is not filled with our best and brightest. But, instead, many sycophants and those on a narcissistic path to power and prestige. It’s equally troubling that a great many of congressman leave office considerably more wealthy than they were when they arrived. This is a serious problem. We’ve lost any purity we have had.

Politics are always dirty – and equally, always local. That means local leaders and shot-callers have let this happen. This is a generational problem and there is no real evidence that it will change. Because greed and selfish desire to survive will win in the end. That’s why term limits and other mechanisms that aren’t negotiable might be a good thing. Running as a representative is supposed to be about working for your community and a civic duty. It should almost be both an honor and inconvenience. Instead, it’s a part of path towards power, wealth, and notoriety. There are many good ones, today – but not as many as we, the people, would like.

My personal desire – more than anything else in the aftermath of this election. Is a renaissance in participation in politics at the local level. Any and everyone with skills can offer them pro-bono. The outrage and voter turn-out shows that Starbucks and Google aren’t fully in charge, yet. There are funds allocated to local districts. Educational innovations need to be implemented and we can all play a role. Cultivating strong communities can blossom stronger leaders in the future. The only way to make America the continuing beacon of life is to water it.

You can’t hand the keys over to an executive leader and shut off. No one man can make the difference you want when it comes to your community. This election and the overall distaste with the overall political system and system quo is the ultimate time to get involved. Otherwise, whatever you voted for, will be in vain for a day or week of a feeling of satisfaction.