The F-35 Lighting II, an aircraft that makes alternate headlines for being the most expensive weapons platform ever made and for suffering repeated technical setbacks, just got a little bit cheaper, and it would appear that the US government has Donald Trump to thank for that.

Lockheed Martin, the defense and aerospace company tasked with the design and production of the F-35, agreed this past week to sell a lot of 90 new advanced fighter jets to the US government for $8.5 billion, which marks a $700 million reduction in current cost projections.

When asked what prompted the reduced price tag, a Lockheed Martin representative credited President Donald Trump’s ability to “accelerate negotiations” that “drove down” the price of the historically pricey aircraft.

“The agreement represents $728 million in savings and a nearly 8 percent reduction in price over our last contract for the air vehicle delivered by Lockheed Martin and our industry partners,” Lockheed Martin said in a statement to CNN. “This is a good deal for the American taxpayer, our country, our company and our suppliers.”