Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) has withdrawn from consideration for the soon-to-be-vacant Director of National Intelligence [DNI] post. Ratcliffe had been nominated by President Trump to replace the soon-leaving Dan Coats. 

This withdrawal by Ratcliffe is just the latest instance of a Trump administration nomination going south after the president moved to appoint a key official without first seeking the backing of senior lawmakers or conducting a thorough vetting of the nominee. 

Unless President Trump acts quickly and nominates a solid candidate soon, his administration will be left with yet another interim cabinet head after Coats departs on August 15. As far as an acting director, many Democrats are calling for President Trump to appoint Coats’ second-in-command, Sue Gordon, as the acting director of national intelligence.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff [D-Calif] released a statement saying, “Sue Gordon is superbly qualified to serve as Acting Director of National Intelligence…and indeed, the plain language of the law requires that she be elevated to that role once Dan Coats steps down.”