No One Wanted This

2024 is shaping up to be the Presidential rematch nobody wants. 

The Democrats are stuck with an incumbent who’s aged out and an underwhelming Kamala.

Trump has essentially hijacked the Republican party and is now forced to run again when Democrats weaponized the legal system against him for not-so-serious allegations. 

It appears the Democrats are trying to throw anything at Trump in the hope it sticks. 

Meanwhile, Trump is no stranger to litigation and will likely run the clock until election night 2024. 

It’s all a bit like watching a bad movie, only you can’t get up and leave the theater. 

This is the problem today with American politics. 

We are stuck with a failing two-party system, no term limits, short election cycles, no campaign spending cap, and a voting system that is horse and buggy, not Tesla (as it should be). 

All of this is failing an American public that has the power to change but continues to fall until the spell of divisiveness. 

So what’s the outcome for 2024?

We see Trump as the likely victor with a potential charismatic female running mate at his side to soften the edges of Trump. 

Why do we call an early Trump victory? 

Many reasons…

The obvious big one is Biden’s health-induced incompetence. 

In the dark of night, do the American people really want a President who can barely read from the teleprompter or remember what he had for breakfast. 

America’s Left Have Weaponized the Legal System Ensuring Trump’s 2024 Run

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Regardless of your political leanings putting your trust in someone with serious and demonstrated (over and over) neurological issues, is not a comfortable feeling. 

Especially when America and the free world are going up against China and Russia, and both making major long-term political moves to marginalize America. 

Then the Democrat’s use of the legal system to try and IED Trump before the election will likely create sympathy for a lot of swing votes for a toxic Trump. 

To summarize it all, Biden has proven to be an ineffective leader, healthwise, economically, diplomatically, and especially where the military is concerned (there is a crisis of leadership happening in the DOD as well). 

The health issues are apparent, but we can look at the other issues more closely. 

The Economy

Firmly in a recession, Biden spends like a California wildfire out of control with no real strategy and certainly no good explanation to the American people as to what the future holds. 

Good leaders are good communicators. 

Biden and Kamala have done a terrible job of communicating with the American people outside the halls of Panem.

When can you remember a coherent address to the American people that specifically addressed any of the major issues Americans face today? 

This is the sound of crickets chirping in the background.


To be fair, the last twenty years under the Republicans and Democrats have been a mess where foreign policy and military health are concerned. 

The world is less stable today than it was after the 9/11 attacks and our military has been over-deployed creating massive psychological trauma among veterans who continue to suffer under shaky surgeons’ hands at the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

SOFREP is no stranger to this as we’ve lost several military staff and friends to suicide over the years. 

Joe Biden continues the two-decade-long trend of a bipolar foreign policy strategy that continues to do major damage to America’s reputation abroad. 

What’s America’s plan to restore trust in the world? 

Americans have heard no plan because there is no plan. 

American diplomacy is supposed to be about promoting democracy, and freedom to the world but we’ve underscored our imperfections to the world instead of promoting the qualities that make this country truly great. 

Then there’s the failed nation-building and Afghan overstay of 20 years, with nothing to show except a stronger, more heavily armed Taliban and trillions of dollars tossed into the burn pit. 

If that wasn’t enough, America destabilized northern Arabia with the failed Iraq campaign, which then kicked off the massive flow of refugees into Europe that spooked the UK and BREXIT into action, divided the European Union further, and embolden Iran and Russia. 

Then Hilary Clinton’s Department of State and Obama leaned in on the overthrow of Libya and the assassination of Quadafi which remains a failed state to this day. 

America has hardly been winning hearts and minds the last twenty years and has been overspending abroad when there’s plenty to focus on back home with regard to our healthcare, education, and infrastructure. 

The stage was set for Putin with American labor. 

Putin kicked off his nationalistic invasion of Ukraine under the cloak of American diplomatic hypocrisy and a nation divided. 

Now we are forced to watch a terrible movie remake in 2024. 

Meanwhile, Americans, with a mountain of debt, are shouldering the bulk of the financial military support in Ukraine with no end in sight. 

While SOFREP believes the US should support Ukraine, we also believe the American public should understand what the end game is without having to read glimpses of it leaked on video game chat rooms by low-level clearance holders.

President Biden has not proposed a path to ending the Ukrainian conflict because he has proved incapable of finding one. 

His only rallying cry behind his 2024 run is, “Vote for me, not him”! 

So we see a clear defeat for Biden next year in what will be one of the most tumultuous campaigns in American history.