No One Wanted This

2024 is shaping up to be the Presidential rematch nobody wants. 

The Democrats are stuck with an incumbent who’s aged out and an underwhelming Kamala.

Trump has essentially hijacked the Republican party and is now forced to run again when Democrats weaponized the legal system against him for not-so-serious allegations. 

It appears the Democrats are trying to throw anything at Trump in the hope it sticks. 

Meanwhile, Trump is no stranger to litigation and will likely run the clock until election night 2024. 

It’s all a bit like watching a bad movie, only you can’t get up and leave the theater. 

This is the problem today with American politics. 

We are stuck with a failing two-party system, no term limits, short election cycles, no campaign spending cap, and a voting system that is horse and buggy, not Tesla (as it should be).