Who Put The Adderall in Biden’s Geritol?

Let’s dive head first into the heart of American politics post-President Biden’s State of the Union speech.

His amphetamine-fueled speech was more adrift than a Cuban refugee’s raft in the Bermuda Triangle, making it glaringly obvious how disconnected the current administration is from the core issues plaguing today’s America.

Biden, with all the enthusiasm of a preacher in a ghost town, hit the woke button like it was going out of style, yet presented a vision for America as clear as a New York City public toilet. We’re talking about the same old song and dance that’s had the US spinning its wheels, both domestically and on the global stage, leaving our influence and morale somewhere south of rock bottom.

In fact, Biden has hit rock bottom with his opaque policies and ordered more jackhammers!

We Need Trump More Now Than Ever

Why, you may ask, is Trump the dark horse we need to bet on, especially for the American military and veterans alike?

Simple. Trump gets it. He sees our military’s exhaustion from being stretched too thin by myopic political strategies, like a gambling addict going “all in” on a pair of deuces.

The American warfighter has been burned out, used up like cheap gasoline in the war machine, in the endless cycles of political and financial power plays abroad. It’s time for a breather.

Trump knows that our economy, healthcare, and education — need urgent repair.

Did I mention sending my kids to Europe for university because it’s cheaper and they actually focus on learning?

I agree a massive shift in focus towards mending our own backyard is needed.

Under Trump’s watch, expect no reckless deployments of American troops into conflicts without a clear endgame. It’s time to prioritize and care for our veterans, giving the military the respite it desperately needs.

As for SOFREP’s endorsing of Haley, she’s out, and we’re now throwing our weight behind Trump because we believe he’s now the best candidate.

Platitudes and Empty Promises

And about Biden’s speech—if you could call it that—it was as devoid of substance as a desert mirage, touching none of the issues that actually keep Americans up at night. Instead, we got platitudes and empty promises, with a side of support for trans rights, which hardly scratches the surface of what Americans are really concerned about.

Did Biden outline any clear strategies for Ukraine or Israel? Not a chance. It was more doublespeak, which most Americans are fed up with. And let’s not even start on the American foreign policy disasters that have paved the way for Putin’s aggressive stance in Ukraine.

Nope, just the same old political double-talk.

“We stand with Israel and are also going to build a pier for relief aid in Gaza, an enemy of Israel.”

This makes as much sense as a football bat.

His address contained no substance and discussed none of the issues that a majority of Americans are facing, and for this reason Biden will lose if it’s free and fair election.

The Biden administration has no clear message to the American public on what our position is to deal with our real problems with energy, rising prices, broken K-12, and ridiculously expensive University system,  poisonous food supply, and impossibly high health costs (regardless of fake insurance) to name a few.

Failure to Address American’s Real Concerns

None of the big issues facing a majority of Americans was mentioned but hell, Biden has trans kids backs he said! While I believe in freedom for everyone, I highly doubt trans issues are a big concern to the majority of voters in America.

Did Biden mention the ultimate outcomes the US is seeking in Ukraine and Israel?

Nope, just the same old political double-talk. “We stand with Israel and are also going to build a pier for relief aid in Gaza, an enemy of Israel.”

As Tucker Carlson clearly and correctly points out in his post-speech analysis, this makes as much sense as a football bat.

I used to think voters still had the power to change a clearly broken system, but it’s become much harder for American voters to drive meaningful change because the political apparatus has been rigged in their favor by career politicians.

A common question I’m asked by my friends at dinner parties.

“What will it take to change the system?”

After seriously thinking on this issue, and looking to history as a guide, there is only one thing that fixes a system that is rigged by those in power and have no incentive to change it.

American Revolution.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Thanks for listening.