When you’re presented with a rerun you didn’t ask for, there’s usually a simple solution: change the channel. But what do you do when the entire network is broken? Enter the 2024 electoral season, a haunting déjà vu of 2020. The American political system, seemingly held hostage by a duopoly of power, is serving up a Trump vs. Biden rematch — a political Groundhog Day scenario that has many shaking their heads and muttering, “Again?”

It’s like Hollywood running out of fresh ideas and slapping a “2” on an old movie title. Sure, there’s curiosity, but mainly a sigh of, “Oh, not this again.” The critical difference? We can’t simply switch this movie off. Instead, we’re stuck with a plot we’ve seen before and characters who, frankly, have seen better decades.

It’s alarming when a system that should serve as the beacon of democratic values, the very heartbeat of a nation, offers two septuagenarians as the primary choices to steer the ship. With due respect to age and experience, the top job in the land needs someone with a pulse on present America, not just its history.

Remember when “Game of Thrones” gave us a Starbucks cup in Westeros? That’s our political system — a glaring oversight in what’s supposed to be a meticulously crafted narrative. This isn’t merely a plea for some fresh characters on the scene but for a system that represents the diverse chorus of American voices, hopes, and perspectives. The two-party monopoly seems determined to keep rolling with its main cast, even if they’re no longer fit for the kingdom.

Now, if there ever was a moment ripe for political disruption, it’s now. Reform isn’t just a fancy word thrown around at rallies; it’s a genuine plea. A call for a system that doesn’t force-feed its citizens with ‘lesser of two evils’ choices. An appeal for a playground that doesn’t just accommodate two teams but opens its gates to new ideas, strategies, and representatives more attuned to a rapidly changing America.

In a time when our Netflix recommendations are more diverse and tailored than our ballot choices, something’s got to give. America deserves better than a rehashed showdown. It’s high time the political system got a reboot.

Americans voting by cell phone
Americans cast their votes safely and securely from the convenience of their phone. Original illustration by SOFREP

Time for Action: From Reel to Real Change

A sequel nobody ordered isn’t where this story has to end. To shift from this two-party tug-of-war, we need more than just a groan and a shared meme. Here’s where to start:

  1. Campaign Finance Caps: The almighty dollar has, for too long, dictated the narrative. By implementing stringent campaign finance caps, we level the playing field and prevent the wealthiest from buying undue influence. It’s time for ideas to triumph over dollar-bill dunes.
  2. Vote By Phone: If we can secure our banks and crucial personal data on our phones, we can secure our democracy. Voting by phone can massively increase voter turnout, making the electoral process more inclusive and truly reflective of America’s voice.
  3. Ban Gerrymandering: The absurdity of politicians picking their voters instead of the other way around needs to end. Districts should represent communities, not the whimsical aspirations of political parties. Fair, non-partisan redistricting is overdue.
  4. Empower the Public: The winds of change are powered by the collective breath of the people. Grassroots movements, public awareness campaigns, and sheer public will have historically been the pivots on which America turns. It’s time to rally, to march, to write, and most importantly, to vote for reform.

It might seem like a Sisyphean task, given the entrenchment of the current system. Still, history has shown us that when the American people decide they’ve had enough, mountains move. It begins with conversations in homes, with petitions, with supporting representatives who echo these reforms, and with holding our current leaders (and I use the term loosely) accountable.