When you’re presented with a rerun you didn’t ask for, there’s usually a simple solution: change the channel. But what do you do when the entire network is broken? Enter the 2024 electoral season, a haunting déjà vu of 2020. The American political system, seemingly held hostage by a duopoly of power, is serving up a Trump vs. Biden rematch — a political Groundhog Day scenario that has many shaking their heads and muttering, “Again?”

It’s like Hollywood running out of fresh ideas and slapping a “2” on an old movie title. Sure, there’s curiosity, but mainly a sigh of, “Oh, not this again.” The critical difference? We can’t simply switch this movie off. Instead, we’re stuck with a plot we’ve seen before and characters who, frankly, have seen better decades.

It’s alarming when a system that should serve as the beacon of democratic values, the very heartbeat of a nation, offers two septuagenarians as the primary choices to steer the ship. With due respect to age and experience, the top job in the land needs someone with a pulse on present America, not just its history.

Remember when “Game of Thrones” gave us a Starbucks cup in Westeros? That’s our political system — a glaring oversight in what’s supposed to be a meticulously crafted narrative. This isn’t merely a plea for some fresh characters on the scene but for a system that represents the diverse chorus of American voices, hopes, and perspectives. The two-party monopoly seems determined to keep rolling with its main cast, even if they’re no longer fit for the kingdom.