On Thursday, a 21-year-old Turkish Muslim man was arrested for trying to run over several pedestrians with his car in Vienna, Austria. According to Krone, the suspect yelled “Allah Akbar” as he tried to run at least three people over before being stopped by police. This terrorist attack took place in the same week as the verdict was given for a Bosnian Muslim that killed four people with his car last year in Graz, Austria.

Last year a Bosnian Muslim male killed four people in the Austrian city of Graz, using his car to mount the pavements and run down pedestrians at high speeds. The trial for Alen Rizvanović, who lied about not being Muslim, ended in court this week with the attacker being found guilty of multiple murders. One of his victims was just four years old.” – Breitbart

The most recent terrorist attack to use a vehicle was the Nice, France attack on July 14th, that killed 86 people and injured 434.

The 21-year-old suspect is still being interrogated by police and his residence has been searched. Police believe he has known connections to a terrorist organization.

Austrian police are interrogating a man on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist group after he allegedly tried to run down several people with his car in Vienna.

Vienna police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger said Friday that the 21-year-old suspect is not cooperating with law enforcement officials a day after his arrest.” – CBS News

No other details about the suspect have been released yet.

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