Two more North Korean citizens, one of whom is apparently a military officer, have defected to South Korea amid a resurgence of tensions between Kim Jong Un and nations allied to the United States.

Early Saturday morning, the two North Korean citizens were found in a boat in the Yellow Sea near the border between the two states by a South Korean military patrol. One of the two was identified as a member of the North Korean military, and they both “demonstrated” a willingness to defect, according to South Korea based news agency Yonhap. That is an important distinction to make in South Korean media, as North Korean officials regularly accuse their southern neighbors of “tricking” North Koreans into defection, followed by demands for their return.

In fact, North Korean allegations of luring defectors to the South have been levied as recently as this week, as North Korea accused South Korea of “forcibly abducting” thirteen employees, 12 female workers and their male manager, from a North Korean state-owned restaurant in China in 2016. In their claims, they cite a South Korean broadcaster that apparently insinuated that the 13 North Koreans may have been “lured” away from their “communist homeland.”

According to a KCNA report, the South Korean cable broadcaster JTBC recently put it that the,