The U.S.-led international coalition formally withdrew from Iraq’s Taji military base on Sunday. The coalition handed the base over to Iraqi security forces, coalition and local news reported.

The base, 17 miles north of Baghdad, had been the site of frequent rocket attacks, in recent months, by Iran-backed militias targeting U.S.-led troops. Despite the long-term plan to withdraw coalition troops from Camp Taji, the move will be seen by Iran’s proxies as a victory. 

“The movement of coalition military personnel is part of a long-range plan coordinated with the government of Iraq,” the coalition released in a statement. Camp Taji has historically held up to 2,000 coalition members, most of whom have already left earlier this summer.

Coalition spokesman, U.S. Army Colonel Myles Caggins III said at the ceremony: “This is an important day. The coalition is leaving our site inside Camp Taji, transferring out of this base, and handing over $347m of property, equipment, and enhanced training facilities to the Iraqi security forces.