There’s a chance things might get better in Syria. The Kurds are doing the heavy lifting. They protect Americans. They’re pragmatic. We owe the Kurds increased solidarity. The Kurds are like a girlfriend that never gives up on you. They very well might the best shot we have at eliminating ISIS if we openly support an independent Kurdish state.

Because Turkey will do whatever it can to prevent that.

The most recent cease-fire feels like an acknowledgment that Aleppo is hell on earth. In that hell, people do not have access to resources. The more responsible nations involved want to allow humanitarian aid to sweep the nation, because it’s the right thing to do. So is supporting the Kurds at this point.

The cease-fire, however, will not so quietly end whenever someone decides there’s enough aid. There’s no telling when that will be. But no doubt, the respite is welcome to civilians in Aleppo. Meanwhile, it won’t last and is not intended to be a solution. So, what’s the answer in Syria?