The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was reportedly behind the lethal drone strike that killed 26 unarmed cadets at a military academy in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, back in January, according to the BBC. 

UAE had denied responsibility for the attack. 

Egypt is also implicated in the strike, having helped the UAE move the drones and missiles from a Libyan airbase onto Egyptian airbases at Siwa and Sidi Barrani.

At the time of the drone strike on January 4, Tripoli was under siege by General Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA). The LNA said that it was not behind the attack and that it probably was a mortar attack by local forces or as an insider attack within the academy. 

According to the BBC report, the military academy was hit by a Chinese Blue Arrow 7 missile. It was fired by the Wing Loong II drone that took off from the al-Khadim air base, which at the time was operated by the UAE.

The UAE has denied having any involvement in the Libyan civil war. It has openly stated support for the UN peace process.

The BBC reported that the Blue Arrow 7 missile is only used by China, Kazakhstan, and the UAE. It can only be fired by the Chinese-made Wing Loong drone.

The investigation also pieced together the bits of shrapnel found on the ground after the attack. They perfectly matched the Chinese-made missile. Additionally, the drone, the only aircraft capable of firing the missile, operated over the Libyan capital Tripoli in January.