My friend Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper, rightfully punched Jesse Ventura (Yes he was a UDT and considered a SEAL) in the mouth for being disrespectful to family of a fallen teammate. Everyone in our community knows Jesse got popped and is wondering when the hoax will end.  All the SEALs I’ve talked to past and present, myself included, are still scratching their heads with Jesse’s apparent departure from the reservation of sanity. He’s off it and charging around like a wild-eyed UFO chaser.

To make matters worse for Jesse, I personally know that the family and the management of McP’s in Coronado are testifying on Chris’s behalf.  I believe there’s around a dozen people who have come forward.

I hope Jesse finds a moment of sanity to realize he’s not on WWF Wrestling talking trash, this is real and he’s facing consequences that in my opinion will further discredit him (INSANITY PLEA) into the nothingness of Baja’s East Cape. Jesse has a house in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula and spends a lot of time down there these days.