The crisis in Ukraine is reaching a tipping point, and the U.S. is expected to act or draft policy concerning Ukraine. Russia may be testing the US, and our interest to intervene in Ukraine. If they discover we are not likely to act when they do – this behavior and their influence might expand. Russia is slicing off parts of other countries and innovating their system of warfare, (a method of combat that is the probably the product of years of preparation and planning to re-assert themselves on the global scene as a world power).

The Department of State is long overdue on delivering a stance to the violence in Ukraine. Pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian para-military and military have been locked in intense clashes for most of this week. We’ve enjoyed an economic partnership that is probably stronger than a strictly military partnership. I think it’s important to understand that we’ve enjoyed a freely exchanged and prosperous relationship. Ukraine was on the cusp of joining NATO before pro-Russian separatists began an uprising that torn the country in two.

But to review the existing relationship leading up to today and the civil war that corrodes the country, read below. This is an excerpt from the official Department of State website, Ukraine page:

U.S.-Ukraine Relations