Biden Reversing Himself Again on Regime Change in Russia.

A few days ago in Warsaw, President Biden stated that President Putin “cannot remain in power.” Within hours the White House corrected the President saying that regime change was not White House policy(As if the policies of the President and the White House he lives in represent different branches of government).

The White House explained that the President was not calling for regime change and was just upset over Putin and Russia’s conduct in Ukraine.

Now, President Biden is repeating a previous claim that Putin is a “war criminal” and would be held to account which certainly would entail regime change first to charge and then try him before a UN War Crimes Commission or the International Criminal Court.  If found guilty, he would certainly have to step down in order to serve his prison sentence.  The White House is not walking it back this time or explaining what the President really meant to say but was unable to clearly say when he said it.

The administration’s previous stance before Putin was to be careful not to upset him for fear of provoking him to further military aggression directed at the West or NATO, but with a Russian army shot full of holes, demoralized and in retreat after a failed invasion, President Biden(and the apparently separate entity of the White House staff) may see Putin as a limping and wounded beast that can be picked off now.