I read an article on Monday about Annan arriving in Syria to urge a cease fire after the recent massacre. I personally find that the United Nations has become such a bureaucracy that it doesn’t affect meaningful change.  I feel sorry for a good friend who continues to sacrifice greatly for this organization and “the cause” (not sure what that is anymore). He’s served in the Horn of Africa and recently Afghanistan and put himself at great risk and I often wonder to myself, “why?” and “what for?”

Do the United Nations really make a difference in the world?  Or do they do a great job supplying the third world black market with food and other goods donated to the Warlord of your choice? Good questions to think about and in my opinion the UN has become good at putting out small fires (e.g. providing aid and help as one example) but what have they really accomplished in a big way? Stability? World Hunger? Nuclear Proliferation? A Force to Be Reckoned With?

And we continue to pump tax payer money into a broken machine.

I say enough is enough. Time to wipe the decks clean and re-build a lean and mean organization that gets shit done.

I’m admittedly a Star Wars fan—I don’t dress up. I can’t help but compare the UN in its current form to the Galactic Republic in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones. For the less fortunate who haven’t seen the movie the comparison is not a compliment.

Does the United Nations really work? Tell us what you think?