Please read this before reading the updates on the French Raid in Somalia:

“Published: October 04, 1993: At least five American soldiers were killed and several were wounded today when a Somali militia shot down two American helicopters during United Nations military operations in Mogadishu, Pentagon officials said.

About 20 members of a faction led by a fugitive Somali fighter, Gen. Mohammed Farah Aidid, were taken into custody during the United Nations operation, including a high-ranking associate of the militia leader, the Pentagon said.

The operations continued into the night, and Pentagon officials cautioned that details, including the numbers of people killed and wounded, might change as more reports were received.”

This is one of the first stories published while the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993 was still raging. A clusterfuck to say the least, right? Nobody had intelligence of what was going on, but I’m sure people were making assumptions. Then a day later that “5 American soldiers” changed to “18 American soldiers killed.”

What did people think then?

We lost 18 of our best special operations soldiers, an American pilot was captured, and images of a US service-member’s body dragged through the streets of Mogadishu found its way to the television sets of millions of Americans.

Nobody knew the real story. Nobody knew the bravery and incredible odds our Rangers, Delta, and Night Stalkers faced until later on. The point I’m trying to make is that there has been lots of premature talk of “shitty training” and “lack of experience in French SOF.”

I think we should wait before we make assumptions and realize that teammates and families are grieving over the disaster that occurred a mere 3 days ago. Respect them for the bravery of going in and trying to get their fellow DGSE operative out of the hands of the enemy. Frankly we don’t know shit of what happened on the ground and should be respectful in our opinions/assumptions.

Latest updates following the raid

  • One French commando was killed on the ground whose body was left behind.
  • Another French commando was wounded and possibly taken hostage after being left behind as well. Militants are claiming that the man succumbed to his wounds and died shortly after. It’s  believed this man was the Ground Force Commander.
  • An estimated 50 commandos supported by 5 helicopters and U.S. Air Force gunships descended upon the target building followed by a sustained 45 minute firefight.
  • The hostage, Denis Allex, is believed to have been killed, according to the French (source unknown). Somali militants are stating he is alive and moved to an undisclosed location.
  • French ground forces believed to have been led by the DGSE’s Division Action (also known as the Service Action) and rumored to have been supported by elements of either the 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment or the Commandos Marine – both military units operating under the French Special Operations Command.

(Neither of the two commandos have been identified thus far.)

Earlier today Somali militants posted a series of pictures on Al-Shabaab’s Twitter feed. The images include pictures of the recovered gear of the commando, as well as a picture of the fallen soldier, believed to be commander on the ground.

WARNING: Graphic photo of slain commando.

The fallen commando photographed by militants with his recovered weapons and gear.
The fallen commando photographed by militants with his recovered weapons and gear.
Commandos armed with MP7s and possibly 5.56 assault rifles.
Commandos armed with MP7s and possibly 5.56 assault rifles.

I will keep you updated over the next few days as new information is released.