Team Room, we’ve had a good year with USAA as a sponsor of our upcoming GROM video series, as well as the shows in our previously-released Inside the Team Room and Heroes of U.S. Special Operations series. Now it’s time to ask them to continue sponsoring us, but we need your help. USAA needs to know that sponsoring SOFREP efforts connects them with readers who are eligible to join USAA. Who is eligible? Active duty, veterans, retirees, service academy members, FAMILY of active duty/veterans/retirees/service academy members….

This is really important to us. USAA has really stepped up to help us produce our videos as well as a bunch of content, and we want to continue to work with them. Please take a few moments to complete this completely ANONYMOUS and private survey. (SOFREP does not share your personal information with anyone.)

And just to make it clear – we love (LOVE) working with USAA, as well as their efforts to support the active duty, veteran and spouse communities. USAA is sincere in their efforts to do good work.

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(Featured Image Courtesy: DVIDS)