US Ambassador Nikki Haley condemns Russian increased violence in eastern Ukraine that harmed and killed civilians in recent days. The remarks have come after increased attacks and mortar barrages.

The UN, as well as the world at large, has taken notice of the increased military activity in eastern Ukraine. The UN security council is poised to meet and discuss Ukraine in the coming months. Additionally, the President of Ukraine has made statements indicating a desire to work with President Trump.

The Trump administration has taken to answering lingering policy questions. When it comes to Ukraine, they’re on board with the West in that they’re taking Russia to a task. Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, condemned Russia’s actions in eastern Ukraine. However, Putin is testing Trump’s resolve and his attention because the task of a new presidency is beyond that scope of any one man.

The Russians are testing the world order, right now, in Ukraine. They’re testing more than that, too, they’re testing the next generation of warfare. Russian aggression and the attempt to slice off parts of Ukraine and gain influence in the world will eventually lose some inertia. Russia is rising high on their new global show. But, everyone gets bored today, very quickly. It will be interesting to see how the Trump administration fully reacts to the Ukrainian war. It has escaped it’s the proper name for some time, a war. The US, if it gets involved will be forced to choose a side.

Featured image courtesy of Reuters.