A Serious Problem

Most Americans are unaware of the extent of the problem we have with sexual assault in the military in this country. According to The New York Times, “You are more likely to be sexually assaulted by a fellow service member than be shot by an enemy at war.” That’s quite a disturbing statement.

Consider the case of twenty-year-old Specialist Vanessa Guillén.  Stars and Stripes reported that she was repeatedly sexually harassed by a supervisor at Fort Hood. A later investigation found that her chain of command did not take appropriate action regarding her complaints. It also found that this supervisor promoted “an intimidating, hostile environment.” 

Later, she was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered by another soldier. Her body was dismembered, and her remains were buried with the help of the killer’s girlfriend.

As law enforcement was getting close to apprehending the suspected killer, Specialist Aaron Robinson took his own life.