While a small country, Italy punches well over its weight class and is undeniably one of the most known cultures in the free (and not so free…ahem China) world. Chances are high you’ll find Italian cuisine, along with Ferraris, in most countries, including Shanghai.

One of my favorite things about Italian culture is the Italian style.

Italian is to style, and Bureaucracy is to government.

It’s everywhere. The clothes, architecture, food, and product design. And certainly, you won’t find yoga pants at the dinner table in Milan unless you’re sitting next to a sunburned tourist from the midwest.

I’ve been coming to Italy for seven-ish years ever since I decided to start exploring greater Europe. So I committed myself to an annual summer pilgrimage from America to the continent where everything is beautiful, and the food quality is arguably the best in the World. 

I’ve sipped wine in Verona, flown seaplanes over lake Como, sipped espresso in Milano Centrale train station, swam off the coast of Positano, and toured the canals of Venice. This is not to brag but to let you know I have some idea of how to get around. 

Rather than have an extra car in the garage or an airplane in the hangar, I prefer to spend on travel and experiences with my friends and family.

If someone wants a bit more out of Italy for their next trip or this is your first, I wanted to share my experience traveling within the boot and give you my top pro-Italy travel tips and recommendations.