до свидания = Dasvidaniya (Goodbye)

If I were a Russian General, I’d be taking off my rank, retiring at a high rate of speed, and heading out to my dacha somewhere deep in the Ural mountains. These guys have a shorter life expectancy in battle than a flamethrower operator during World War II.

The late Russian Major General Artem Nasbulin. My apologies for the image quality. For whatever reason, it’s hard to get a clear photo of this man. Image Credit: thedailymail.com

Russian Major General Artem Nasbulin was reportedly killed in a HIMARS artillery strike recently near Kherson in the south of Ukraine. Ukrainians have been making excellent use of the US-provided HIMARS in recent days, striking multiple command centers and Russian ammunition resupply points behind enemy lines.

The Russian 22nd Army Corps in Ukraine

Artem was acting as the Chief of Staff of the Russian 22nd Army Corps when multiple rockets impacted his headquarters. The 22nd Army Corps are the coastal defense troops for the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, and they played a significant role in the initial invasion of Ukraine.

They are headquartered in the Crimean city of Simferopol and comprised of the: