Warning: This post is likely (nay, guaranteed) to get a little profane.  There, you’ve been warned.

The photo above is of Jen Psaki, spokesman for the US Department of State.  The gibberish on the paper is part of a new social media campaign launched by the State Department.  You can see the video of the announcement here, if you can stomach it.

What the flying fuck is this supposed to accomplish?  “Awareness?”  Anybody who isn’t aware of what’s been going on in Ukraine has apparently been living under a rock.  This is the stupidity passing for statecraft in DC today.  These are the people representing our country on the world stage.

This administration has had the gall to call the invasion of Ukraine, securing multiple oil and natural gas pipelines coming out of Russia and providing most of the energy demand of Western Europe, a “weak” and “panicky” reaction to Obama’s “strength.”  What strength?  Talk about Syria, too late and with no real follow-on action.  Talk about Ukraine, no action whatsoever.  Talk, talk, talk, no walk.

Then they come up with this pants-on-head retardation.  If you don’t think this has any real bearing, think again.  Broadcasting this kind of weakness and toddler-in-the-deep-end confusion is never a good idea.  Russia and China are both aggressively pursuing their own interests, and part of those interests are reducing our influence while expanding theirs.  Weakness invites attack, whether political, military, or economic, and all we have done recently is shout to the world what a paper tiger we are.

These people are completely out of their depth.  They live in a narrow world of Twitter and Facebook, while the Russians are taking active measures to expand their influence in the real world, not the virtual one of millennials gaping over their iPhones in coffee shops.  No Tweet ever stopped a tank, but that’s all we can apparently do in the face of real-world actions of a real-world rival.