Editor’s Note:  SOFREP is pleased to present this article from best-selling author Colonel Eric “Ferris” Buer, USMC (Ret). –GDM

The never-ending escalation of both conflict and violence between Israel and its neighbors remains an unvaccinated global epidemic. Considering the indescribably heinous attacks of Hamas on the Israeli people and the subsequent reaction from sympathetic Arab and Muslim political and military institutions, the long war may have just begun. Hamas has pushed the Palestinian people down this odious hole, a hole that leads them into more violence, more destruction, and more uncertainty.

No peace accords will satisfy the Israelis and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). No attempts of diplomacy will bear fruit, no threats of economic or political isolation will deter, and no nation and no governing body will prevent Israel from exacting its version of justice. The global community is not fooled by Hamas’ rhetoric. As Hamas seeks to increase their power, they will and have sacrificed their own people to reach their goals. Hamas, with the support of their Iranian allies, have grossly overplayed their hands.

Hamas has rarely acted in good faith for the benefit of the Palestinians and has no plans to build a society that serves its people. In fact, they have no plans for the Palestinian people at all. This attack from Gaza didn’t consider the lives of the Palestinians. Where was the plan to provide electricity, water, food, or an escape route for their defenseless civilians? Was there a plan with their Arab allies for safe passage? Anything? Nothing? They have purposefully left their people to face the wrath of Israel, with Hamas leaders scampering into their holes and tunnels to hide. Not so ironically, Hamas appears to prefer an Islamist state where they can economically and geographically isolate and dominate their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

For Israel, justice has been elusive; revenge has been denied, and any sense of tolerance has likely been destroyed.