The Ohio Class Guided Missile Submarine USS Georgia gave the Iranian Navy quite a start this week when it came to periscope depth and announced its presence in the vicinity of an exercise that Iran was conducting. In the exercise, Iran was testing a new model of submarine.

According to the unofficial State Iranian news outlet Tasnim News, the Iranian Navy was conducting a torpedo firing drill when it detected the presence of an unidentified submerged contact in the immediate area.

The Iranian Navy sent at least two Sea King Helicopters to investigate the contact and discovered the USS Georgia just below the surface with her periscope up.


The story does not mention the new Iranian submarine that was tested in the exercise but it was likely the Iranian Navy’s new Fateh class diesel submarine. This small coastal patrol submarine is said to be home-manufactured by Iran. It is an upscaled version of a North Korean midget submarine which the Iranian Navy has some experience operating.

The Iranian exercise had begun on Wednesday and took place off the Makran coast in southeast Iran and in the northern area of the Indian Ocean.

The Georgia’s presence in the area was not accidental.