The USS Ronald Reagan, one of the United States’ 10 nuclear powered Nimitz Class aircraft carriers, successfully completed sea trials last week after a long in-port maintenance period, and departed its home port in Yokosuka naval base in Japan to resume scheduled operations in the Asia-Pacific Region on Tuesday.

The carrier was originally scheduled to return to full operations on May 15th, but was delayed by a day by an unnamed technical issue that was reportedly resolved aboard the vessel.

“While in port Yokosuka and conducting routine pre-underway checks, a material issue was identified that requires repair,” a May 15 U.S. Navy statement said. “There is no impact to the safety of the aircraft carrier.”

The Ronald Reagan and accompanying ships within its carrier strike group now join the USS Carl Vinson strike group in the Pacific.  The Carl Vinson has been in the headlines in recent weeks as it steamed toward the Korean peninsula amid heightened tensions between the North Korean government and an international community intent on seeing their nuclear aspirations stymied.