There have been disturbing increases in the suicide rates across America. Since 1999, suicides have increased over 30% in half of states, some of them all the way up to 58%. On top of that, the CDC found that 54% of those cases had no known mental health conditions.

Read about the CDC report here.

Among the rapid increase of American suicides, veteran suicides have also been on the rise. The VA has been working on their suicide data report, and have just recently updated their numbers and insights. The data spans from 2005 to 2015, and “is part of VA’s ongoing examination of more than 55 million civilian and Veteran death records that is being used to evaluate and improve VA’s Suicide Prevention Program.”

The analysis and complexity of the numbers means that 2015 is the most current year they can offer, and as time goes on we will see updated numbers in regards to more recent years. This delay means that if new policies are instated, the VA will likely not know how effective these policies really are until several years later. The is in contrast to the CDC report which was published in June of 2018, regarding American suicide numbers in 2017.