The VA has long been entangled in controversy, and they seem to constantly be going from scandal to another. There are many good-willed and honest officials, but corruption has certainly taken hold on a significant number of ranking VA employees. Of course there are the problems with slow and/or poor service, pitfalls with the transplant system, and other practical problems. However, one common thread that continuously presents itself is the VA’s use of outside contractors. It seems to be an easy window for corrupt VA executives to make obscene amounts of money on the side.

SOFREP contacted a current VA employee who has come forward to shine a light on wrongdoings within his own VA facility, for which he was retaliated against. His lawyers have advised him to remain anonymous as the legal proceedings continue.

In light of all these controversies surrounding the outsourcing of work, SOFREP asked him a few questions:

What is the easiest way for a corrupt VA official to make money?

Only a very stupid or a very accomplished VA official will take cash. Usually the ‘pay to play’ relationship takes the form of expensive gifts and meals.

In my experience, there are two kinds of corrupt VA employees: first are the ones that are ignorant that the federal code of ethics prevents them accepting a gift or meal over $20, and the other are arrogant and don’t care. They believe themselves above any code or law. It’s the latter that permeate senior management levels in VA medical centers or regional offices. While Most VA employees are honest and never put themselves in a situation like that in first place, it’s this layer, this culture of senior VA leadership that made it possible for VA to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on software systems that would never work or signing off on awarding construction contracts for hospitals with incomplete designs.

What is the most common?

Like I said you either have to be very stupid or very accomplished take money as a federal employee in exchange for awarding contracts. Most common are the expensive lunches, dinners, gifts, trips, tickets, etc. in exchange for a pay to play relationship.