Where’s Aleksandr?

Is he dead? Did Putin fire him? Where in the world is Russian General Aleksandr Dvornikov? No one seems to know.

Colonel general Gennady Zhidko (shown here) has reportedly replaced General Aleksandr Dvornikov as head of all Russian forces in Ukraine. Image Credit: Wikimedia commons

According to the Conflict Intelligence Team, or CIT, General Dvornikov has been replaced by Colonel General Gennady Zhidko, former commander of the Eastern Military District and Russia’s deputy defense minister for Military and Political Affairs. In case you were wondering, CIT is an independent investigative organization originating in Russia. They conduct open-source investigations of activities during armed conflicts. Their findings are cited quite often by Ukrainian sources.

“Basically, he is a chief political officer of all Russia,” says Ruslan Leviev, the leader of the CIT.

Not all that long ago, in April, Putin appointed General Dvornikov, aka The Butcher of Syria, as head of all Russian forces in Ukraine for his “special military operation.” Many observers saw this as proof that the military operation in Russia was failing. It was and still is; morale is low, the causality rate is high and Russian soldiers continue to be lacking in basic supplies.