The failed attempts to take disciplinary action against the two Veteran Affairs directors illustrates just how broken the VA is as an organization. The two women have been accused of manipulating the promotion system of the VA to their advantage and walking away with $400,000 in “moving costs.” They reportedly moved personnel around and then occupied the vacant positions in order to collect the moving costs.

There were attempts in both December 2015 and January 2016 to reassign both of the directors. However, as of Monday, a final decision was made to allow these directors with questionable ethics to keep their jobs.

The Merit Systems Protection Board rejected that attempt, and on Monday VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson in a statement said the pair would be allowed to continue their careers in Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

“Allegations of unethical behavior in the Inspector General report were not supported by any of the evidence I reviewed,” Gibson said. “These errors in judgment took place before [the two] assumed their director positions, and the disciplinary actions do not diminish the confidence VA leadership has in [their] abilities … to manage their offices, lead their employees, and provide benefits to veterans. Military Times