Former Navy EOD technician assigned to Navy SEAL teams, Joshua Brown, age 40, died on May 7th after his car crashed into an 18 wheeler trailer. You can read his accident report HERE. His Tesla Model S was on autopilot when the 18 wheeler turned in front of Brown’s car. His car went underneath the trailer, sheering off the top of the vehicle. The car continued moving until it hit an electric pole.  The driver of the 18 wheeler states that Brown was watching Harry Potter as the movies was still playing following the accident. This is the first fatality crash involving the Tesla while in the driver initiated autopilot mode.

This crash is making national news at the same time the military is testing the same type of  technology for military convoys.

The video below shows a driver asleep at the wheel while driving…I hope this video was staged.

Image courtesy of Facebook

Editor Note: Originally reported as a former Navy SEAL but was actually a EOD tech assigned to SEAL teams.