In my recent article discussing zombies in popular culture, I brought up three common movie tropes that would actually get you killed in a real-world disaster.  These errors pertained primarily to the things people might do in the hours immediately following the onset of global zombie Armageddon.  Today, I’m going to address three more things zombie movies and television shows have taught us would be common practice after Z-Day, and explain exactly why they’d likely get you killed.

If you manage to survive the initial onset of zombie-flu, the world you’d find yourself in would be drastically different from the one we woke up in today, but some of those differences might surprise you.  The risks associated with merely surviving in a post-infrastructure world could account for as much death and destruction as the zombies did themselves.  A study backed by the Department of Defense about Electromagnetic Pulse weapons already concluded that merely turning off the power grid in the United States could result in an overwhelming casualty rate of ninety percent within the first year.  That’s right, without a zombie anywhere in sight, the fall of our infrastructure would likely still kill millions.

Of course, many of those millions would immediately become zombies.  I didn’t say they wouldn’t still be a problem.

In order to survive in the new world, you’ll may need to change your mind about which weapons you favor, how you dress, and even how you brush your teeth.

Here’s what not to do.

Use swords or long bladed weapons.  In the book, “The Zombie Survival Guide,” Max Brooks explains the strategies he believes will help you to survive in the post undead world.  The book has sold millions of copies, even enjoying a lengthy run on the New York Times bestsellers list, and lays out important zombie survival tactics like… carrying a katana.  In Brooks’ words, “blades don’t need reloading.”

In order to write this survival handbook, Brooks pulled from the extensive and rigorous survival training he received growing up as the incredibly wealthy son of a comedian.

In reality, quality blades require maintenance and upkeep just like any other weapon, but worse still, using a bladed weapon like a sword against zombies ignores basic human biology on several levels.