The reactions to the recent presidential election in the news and on social media would have you believe that we live in a fiercely divided nation full of passionate political views and even more passionate political action.  Protests in the streets, crashing Canadian immigration sites, and the social media atmosphere would have you believe Donald Trump had taken the presidency by force, leading a coup of Klansmen in white hoods over the Potomac.

With protests of varying types being organized and executed all over the country and everyone with a modem chiming in about the use of an electoral college, one would think voter turnout for this election would have to be close to a hundred percent.  Sure, a few people may have missed the polls, but with so many people speaking about this election as though it were a matter of life or death, I’d have to assume those who opted out of voting, or perhaps missed their chance, must be the ignorant or uninspired minority.

Which marks the second time I’ve been wrong about how this election would turn out.

A recent CNN article shows that voting in this year’s election actually hit a twenty-year low.  In order to find another election that so few voters participated in, we’d have to go back to 1996 when Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, ran for reelection against Bob Dole.  Current numbers (which are subject to change) show a meager fifty-five percent of eligible voters participated in this year’s presidential election.