The Washington football team in the nation’s capital is ditching the Redskins’  team name this year due to pressure about its racist undertones. Now, the team is in search of a new nickname, one that will appease a very dedicated fanbase, the team’s officials, and the National Football League (NFL). 

The team has sought fan input for the new nickname. It created a website,, where fans have been given the opportunity to submit their ideas.

Team President Randy Wright said in an interview with NBC Sports Washington that the team is seeking input from fans because the fanbase should have a voice in selecting the new team name.  

Wright said that the fanbase has been very vocal in its support of one of those suggestions: the Washington Red Wolves. The concept of the uniform for the Red Wolves would actually incorporate an older design in which the helmet had a white circle with the large letter “R” inside. The team colors of burgundy, gold, and white would remain the same.