When I was a new guy at SEAL Team 3 there was a Warrant Officer with the nickname “Half Ass.” He earned the name because he had half of it (his ass) shot off during enemy contact with the north Vietnamese. It was a great time to be a SEAL because we had a handful of the old school Vietnam guys still around the Team area, and listening to their stories was fascinating.

A lot has changed since then, and a decade of war with back-to-back combat deployments has done some serious damage to the lives and families of the SOF community. The guys I speak with are stretched thin these days. Best we take care of them, and not waste resources on half baked intervention plans. This includes many SOF veterans who now serve within the CIA’s paramilitary groups.

It’s hard not to get angry when I think of some armchair quarterback in DC who’s been to the safety of the Green Zone in Iraq, and now considers himself/herself an expert on conflict and what’s best for the Warfighter.

I was reading up on Syria this morning and couldn’t help but shake my head in disgust as I made my usual rounds on the web, and came across this article that the NY Times wrote. The President, Congress, and the Senate are an embarrassment as a whole these days. Infighting and political jockeying outweigh real leadership. And now we’re seeing another half ass effort in Syria, and for what?  What’s the end goal, who will fill the void if the regime is toppled? Would love to hear about your plan, Mr. Kerry.