Several airstrikes were unleashed on the Turkish Grand National Assembly building, usually referred to simply as the TBMM or Parliament. The Turkish Presidental Palace and Police Special Force Headquarters were also targeted in amidst the chaotic carnage of the military coup that continues to grip turkey in chaos.

Initial reports on the Parliament airstrike were befuddled. Turkish parliament speaker Ismail Kahraman said no legislators were hurt. Yet, simultaneous reports from non-government sources stated that police officers and security personnel were injured and killed in the attack.

Turkish politicians posted a few photos of damage to an entranceway, following the airstrike on Parliament.

Airstrikes from jet fighters and attack helicopters have continued to periodically rain on the Parliament building and surrounding Parliamentary complex.

At least one minister of parliament has been killed in one of the follow-on airstrikes, but Turkish officials have declined to release his name at this time.

Video of the first airstrikes came in from Turkish citizens watching a live report on the coup. Then suddenly the live backdrop of the Parliment building became engulfed in flames – also see featured image,