The Royal Australian Air Force is no stranger to dramatic displays of their low-flying prowess over cities like Brisbane, often drawing headlines the world over with the spectacular images and videos captured by awe-struck spectators. However, until now, only a precious few aviators have seen what it looks like inside the cockpit of these aircraft as they conduct maneuvers well below the tops of nearby skyscrapers.

Recently, however, TV news reporter Rob Morrison got a chance to ride aboard a massive Australian C-17 military cargo plane as it conducted low-flying operations over Brisbane, and fortunately for all of us, he brought his cameras with him. You can hear the C-17’s on board computer warning the pilots about how close they are to the ground and buildings throughout the footage.

(Click to the right of this embedded Instagram post to see the video)

Not to be outdone by 9News, the Royal Australian Air Force also posted a video of a low pass in the C-17, this one recorded in full 360 degree style during one of their practice flights prior to the event. You can actually click on the screen while watching this incredible footage to look around, or if you’re a tech-savvy teenager with your allowance to burn, you can pull this video up in a VR headset to enjoy a completely immersive experience.