Hurricane Harvey hit Texas three days ago, bringing with it an unprecedented amount of rainfall that has caused serious flooding in many communities.  According to an early Accuweather estimate, Harvey is now expected to be the most costly natural disaster to ever hit the United States, and as the storm closes back in on land at the Texas/Louisiana border, the destruction may not be over yet.

However, every storm cloud, even one as big as Harvey, has a silver lining.  In this case, that silver lining has come in the heroism demonstrated by first responders, law enforcement, the National Guard and military, and of course, everyday citizens that are willing to put their own lives in danger to help those in need.

In this dramatic footage uploaded by the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Houston, you can watch Coast Guardsmen airlifting civilians to safety, as the water level surrounding them reaches more than halfway up the garage door on the left.

We here at SOFREP salute the efforts of these brave men and women who continue to head out into harm’s way to help those affected by this historic storm.


Image courtesy of Facebook/U.S. Coast Guard