In the video below you will see Dahir Adan (20 year old) chase and stab people at a Macy’s store in St. Cloud, Minnesota .  On Sept. 17, Adan stabbed 10 people before he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. St.Cloud Police Department also released the portion of the video that shows Officer Falconer shoot and kill Dahir Adan as he continues to go after the officer. In a press conference, FBI discussed the reasons why they believe the attack was premeditated. The FBI is still investigating Dahir Adan’s past but believe that he became radicalized in the recent months prior to the attack. Family and friends describe a drastic change in his behavior and his appearance around the same time he became more interested in Islam.

FBI Special Agent Rick Thornton said Thursday that the agency’s ongoing investigation has so far revealed a young man who appears likely to have become “radicalized” by extremist ideology. Thornton and local authorities said they decided to release the surveillance videos of the attack, along with new details of Adan’s rampage and his potential motivations, in the interest of transparency.”- Washington Post