Here at SOFREP, we’ve presented the rules for firearm safety in a number of different ways: from think pieces to analysis, from training tips to horror stories, but throughout all of our efforts to help keep our fellow firearm enthusiasts honest and responsible, there’s one thing we never thought of trying: lingerie.

Fortunately for all of us, Griffon Industries has that covered.

In this video, released on Griffon’s Facebook profile, you can see the same old firearm safety rules we’ve all grown so accustomed to, but accompanied by underwear clad models holding assorted AR platforms and shotguns, instead of the traditionally grizzled firearms instructor we all remember being yelled at by. We would, of course, be remiss if we pretended we watched this video because we felt the burning need for a refresher on the fundamentals, but in a way, that’s part of the (potentially unintentional) genius of this marketing campaign.

In the United States, many people spend a lot of time championing the right to carry, without placing much focus on the responsibility we bear when carrying our favorite guns.

When you spend a lot of time around firearms, it’s easy to grow complacent when it comes to the basics. We’ve all heard stories about people shooting themselves in the leg when exercising poor trigger discipline on the draw, or killing themselves when cleaning their firearms (despite unloading the weapon literally being the very first step in the cleaning process)… and as easy as it can be to dismiss these stories as nothing more than idiots being, well, idiots, the fact remains that all of us are capable of making mistakes when we start to give ourselves allowances in terms of things like safety.

You know you should wear your seat belt when you drive to work, but it’s easy to get away with forgoing that simple step on drive after drive, until the safety rule itself begins to feel like it wasn’t really meant for you in the first place. After all, you know how to drive, you have never been in a crash, you aren’t the guy or girl in those stories, right?

Until one day, you are, and just like that, you’re the subject of a safety brief, rather than the exception to the rule.

Firearm safety is the sort of thing we all can use frequent reminders about, but there are only so many different ways to dress up the same old information before the voice attached to the lesson starts to sound like the adults in Charlie Brown. If throwing some under-dressed models in the mix is enough to get you to re-certify your non-existent annual training requirements in firearm safety, it seems worth the production budget Griffon spent on this video.

Or maybe that’s just a whole bunch of justification to hit play one more time. We’ll leave that up to you.

Watch Griffon Industries new firearm safety video below:


Image courtesy of Griffon Industries/YouTube