In the wake of Sunday’s tragedy, where a lone gunman entered a Baptist Church in a small Texas community and opened fire, killing 26 men, women, and children, many Americans were forced to acknowledge a difficult reality: These sorts of mass casualty scenarios are not limited to the major population centers we tend to think of as common targets for a such an attack.

Sutherland Springs, Texas is the very definition of small town America.  With 600 total residents, nearly 4% of the entire town population was killed in Sunday’s attack, and while there are systemic issues to be discussed and debated regarding the administrative mismanagement of the shooter’s criminal history, the fact remains that these sorts of violent attacks can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone.  SOFREP’s readers, perhaps more so than many other demographics, are keenly aware of the potential threats we face in the modern landscape, and SOFREP’s founder, Brandon Webb, appeared on Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle” to help spread that message even further.

Watch the video below to hear Brandon Webb discuss the realities of an active shooter situation, and what common thread he found in all of the Texas snipers he trained as a Navy SEAL and sniper instructor.