Here Comes the Boom

Our friends with the Kraken Special Forces unit in Ukraine are at it again. Watch as they target and destroy a building the Russians were using as their local headquarters.

Ukrainian Kraken Special Forces destroy Russian headquarters. Video courtesy of YouTube and Zenger

You can see Russian soldiers moving from the building on the right to the building on the left as the video cuts to Kraken forces loading a field artillery piece dialed in on a house that the Russian invaders are using as their local headquarters. Conveniently, on the roof of the structure, it is already labeled “Enemy Headquarters” in Ukrainian and English. Finally, at 0:17 seconds in, we see that house blow apart, mostly in three directions away from the other structure. I’m sure there are some broken windows, but everything else seems intact.

According to the overhead drone footage, what remains looks like an F5 tornado ripped it timber from timber. This is an excellent example of the abilities of modern, relatively low-tech field artillery. The Kraken must have been well trained and are putting these skills to deadly use.

It’s currently unclear exactly where this video was taken. Newsweek reports that it was obtained by them Tuesday the 28th along with a statement saying, “The artillery of our unit continues to destroy the occupiers. This time the enemy headquarters was struck.”

Kraken Regiment members Oleg Sapachenko and Andrii Maleev in Ruska Lozova, on May 30. Image Credit: Wojciech Grzedzinski

Death Toll

The majority of information for this piece was sourced through Newsweek via Zenger news and the Kraken Regiment. They provided some interesting information regarding the latest death/damage toll due to Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine.

They tell us that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that between February 24 and June 28, Russia had lost about 35,250 personnel, 1,567 tanks, 3,704 armored combat vehicles, 778 artillery units, 243 multiple launch rocket systems, 102 air defense systems, 217 warplanes, 185 helicopters, 636 drones, 139 cruise missiles, 14 warships, 2,589 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, and 61 units of special equipment.

Russia last officially announced its military losses a little more after it invaded Ukraine, claiming that 1,351 troops were killed.

I’d wager the actual number is somewhere between the two.

Watch the full video below: