In a recent installment of the SOFREP series, “Inside the Team Room,” host Aaron “Rad” Radl sat down with former Navy SEAL sniper instructors Brandon Webb and Charlie Melton to talk training, combat, and their transition into civilian life.

After leaving service, Melton made headlines a few years ago when he led a team of precision shooters to beat out the Russian-held long range shooting world record with a whopping 2.84 mile shot using an Armalite AR-30 chambered in “.408 Tejas.”

In this clip from the episode, Melton discusses some of the platforms he carried during his days as a SEAL sniper.

At the tail end of that breakdown, Melton mentions that he carried the .50 on one mission just so he could say he did. That one mission came up again soon, when Rad asked Melton about his combat experiences and Melton drops one hell of a conversational bomb… he shot someone with the .50 cal at the incredibly short distance of just about 60 yards.

As fellow SEAL sniper Brandon Webb puts it, “that’s like using a sledge hammer to drive finishing nails.”

Hear the story from Melton here:

If you think using a .50 cal to take the “upper half” of an enemy’s body off is the craziest story Charlie Melton has to share, you’ve got another thing coming. Just a few minutes later he drops another bomb: he has been shot in the head right through the scope of his rifle.

“Is that what inspired the mullet?” – Brandon Webb

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