Watch as a group of men set up a road block to stop a passenger bus in the Saint-Denis suburb of Paris on July 28, 2016 at 1 am local time. The bus is burned to an empty metal hull after they throw molotov cocktails into it. The bus driver managed to escape unharmed and no injuries were reported from the incident. Saint-Denis is a predominately Muslim migrant area. The bus route has been diverted to no longer service this area.

According to Le Parisian, last week another bus was stopped using an illegal road block, the passengers were ordered off, and the windows were smashed in–no one was injured in this incident either. On July 22 there was an attempted murder when someone threw a molotov cocktail into a building catching a person on fire and then attempted to loot the contents of the building. Saint-Denis’ mayor Didier Paillard is labeling these incidents as “acts of vandalism” and not terrorism. He states that people in his area are suffering because the bus line is no longer running in the area which has a high crime rate and history of violent protests and riots.

Image courtesy of DR via Le Parisian