According to Russian media outlets, two or three people were wounded when a KA-52 helicopter participating in the massive Russian War Games “Zapad ‘17” accidentally fired on a crowd of spectators that had been invited to witness the training cycle.

The Russian military, however, contested these reports as “purposeful provocation or someone’s personal stupidity,” claiming that the rocket had been fired at an empty truck during the scheduled training, and that no one had been injured.  According to state-owned Russian NTV Television, no spectators were injured, but two cars were damaged in the incident.

Despite these claims, a news site based in Russia called 66.RU offered up footage of the event, adding that two spectators had been hospitalized due to serious injuries when what is believed to have been a C-8 rocket struck the vehicle.

“At least two cars burned down, two people were seriously injured, they are now hospitalized,” 66.RU’s source said. “The victims were most likely journalists.”