A video of Russia’s Spetsnaz troops conducting a series of unusual training exercises is the latest bit of Kremlin propaganda to make the rounds on the internet, and while this one may lack the lasers or robots of Russia’s usual marketing efforts, they more than made up for it through sheer effort.

The video, which was first shared by Russia’s state-owned media outlet RT, shows Russia’s elite military police force dressed in all black, piled on the outside of an armored personnel carrier (where the armor is notably less effective), and of course, doing their best impression of the Foot Clan from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Silly as it seems at that point, things only go downhill from there.

The next clip shows Spetsnaz troops seemingly firing in random directions while they close with a parked car. You’d think surrounding the car with armed men firing AK-47s in the air would be enough to subdue their invisible opponent, but one of the soldiers then jumps through the windshield feet first for good measure.

As if they wanted to make sure you got a good look at a technique that doesn’t seem to serve any tactical value, they repeat the foot dive on another car after clearly showing the driver fleeing the vehicle and laying on the ground… so maybe the windshield thing is just meant as a punishment for particularly egregious traffic violations.

Well, this windshield won’t be causing any more trouble.

The video ends with the troops doing their best impression of an ISIS recruitment video, complete with AKs, ski masks and front-shoulder safety rolls.

As much fun as it can be to pick nits when it comes to these videos, it is important to remember that Russia’s narrative and perception management apparatus is perhaps the most thoroughly developed and effective leg of the Kremlin’s military apparatus. No message leaves Moscow without a motive and intended audience.