This past Tuesday, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office released two year old security camera footage of a student taking down a school shooter at the Seattle Pacific University. In the video you can see the shooter, identified as Aaron Ybarra, scanning for more victims as he enters the room. He planned on killing as many people as he could with his shotgun then killing himself. Jon Meis, a student builder monitor, took a chance while Ybarra was reloading and pepper sprayed the shooter then disarmed him. According to Seattle Times, prior to being disarmed, he killed one student identified as Paul Lee (age 19) and injured two additional students. Upon arrest Ybarra had additional shotgun ammo and a knife (the knife was the object that was kicked away from him by the student). His lawyers are seeking an insanity plea and have attributed the shooting to mental illness after he stopped taking his medications. His trial is scheduled for this September. The shooter’s journal indicates that he chose this small christian school because the other local universities represented his Seattle and he didn’t want to attack his city. Without the quick action of Jon Meis, Ybarra could have killed or injured many others.