Three Phoenix police officers are lucky to be alive after a suspect tried to hit them while they stood in front of a convenience store. All three police officers were injured: one has a concussion, one has a broken leg, and the other only has minor injuries. The third officer with only minor injuries was able to restrain the suspect after the crash.

The suspect has been identified as, Marc LaQuon Payne, 44. The police chief stated in a press conference that his officers were targeted intentionally. On video, Payne’s headlights are seen as he backs out of his space. Then once in drive, he punches the accelerator hitting all three police officers.

They were victims of an unprovoked, violent, intentional attack,” Phoenix police chief Joe Yahner said at a Tuesday news conference, reports CBS affiliate KPHO.“These officers could have easily been killed, and I thank God we’re not planning three funerals right now.”- CBS News

Payne will face three charges of attempted first-degree murder for trying to hit the police officers and two counts of aggravated assault for the two attendants inside the store.


Image courtesy of Facebook